The Group meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month (except December and January) 

Speakers (2017)

Thursday 16 February
Stuart Doorbar-Baptist, Physiotherapist
continence following treatment for prostate cancer

Thursday 16 March
Assoc Prof Andrew Kneebone, radiation Oncologist
advances in radio-therapy for prostate cancer

Thursday 20 April
Prof Alan Bensoussan, Medical Researcher and
Assoc Prof Qihan Dong, Geneticist
Chinese medicine as a potential treatment for prostate cancer
Thursday 18 May
Assoc Prof Gavin Marx, Medical Oncologist
developments in treatment for advance prostate cancer

Thursday 17 August
Dr Michael Copeman, Medical Oncologist
advancement in treatment for advance prostate cancer

(Speakers for later in 2017 will be advised as the year progresses.)

Last Year’s Program   (2016)
February 2016
Assoc Prof David Bell, medical oncologist
new developments in prostate cancer treatment 
March 2016
visit to university laboratory researching prostate cancer 
April 2016
Prof Ian Caterson AM,  physician and clinical researcher
men, obesity and health
May 2016
Dr Elaine Wilson, general practitioner     and
Matthew Scoular,  accredited exercise physiologist
health care and exercise planning  -  and funding it
June 2016
Dr George Hruby,  radiation oncologist
impact of new imaging on prostate cancer management
July 2016
Dr Venu Chalasani,  urologist
treatment decisions for prostate cancer
August 2016
Siobhan Handley, accredited practising dietitian
prostate cancer and diet
September 2016
Prof Warick Delprado, pathologist
testing for prostate cancer -  an update
October 2016
Dr Michael Lowy,  sexual health physician
sexual rehabilitation following prostate cancer treatment
November 2016
Jessica Medd, clinical psychologist
psychological impacts of prostate cancer  -  outcomes and strategies
Please come to our meetings and share the wonderful privilege of hearing such leading heath professionals.